“Ya’ll need a new name”

That’s an actual quote from someone who thought that the name “Ploopy” is shitty.

Throughout the short history of our company, people have been asking my partner and I why we settled on that name. There’s not really much to it. We wanted a quirky name. I threw it out there as a wild suggestion, and he thought it was funny. That’s it.

Lots of people hate the name. Lots of people love it. It almost always causes a reaction. We stand out because of the name, for better or for worse.

The name makes a lot of people laugh. I usually laugh right along; even after all this time, it’s still funny to me. I’d bet those same people remember the name long after the laughter is gone.

Here’s the dirty little secret: names don’t mean anything. Reputations aren’t built on words chosen from a thesaurus. Actions matter, not words.

So why not have a laugh?