Headphones and Headbands

We’ve been hard at work on the upcoming Ploopy Headphones, and we’re starting to see some results that are blog-worthy. Today’s episode is about headbands! Headbands, it turns out, are surprisingly tricky because they do a lot of different things. They need to be comfortable, but also stiff enough to create clamping force on the… Continue reading Headphones and Headbands

Defeating another hacking attempt.

Yesterday evening, I received a suspicious email. Someone has requested a password reset for the following account: Site Name: The Ploopy Blog Username: colin If this was a mistake, ignore this email and nothing will happen. This password reset request originated from the IP address I actually received an email for each username on… Continue reading Defeating another hacking attempt.

Planar Magnetic Drivers: I can’t lower the critical frequency any more, Cap’n!

I’ve been working on headphones for a few months, with blocks of time concentrated around the receipt of new prototypes and flights of inspiration. I recently received my second set of prototypes. These are constructed by a manufacturer of flexible circuits, using copper for the traces and polyimide for the membrane. The total assembly thickness… Continue reading Planar Magnetic Drivers: I can’t lower the critical frequency any more, Cap’n!

A blog?

The way that my partner and I run Ploopy is sometimes a bit hard to explain. As a result, we usually don’t bother trying. It requires a lot of words. However, the questions keep piling up. Neither of us are answering them, so the pile keeps getting bigger. This blog will be a place of… Continue reading A blog?